(7410D242013) BLACK-1oz
(7410D242013) BLACK-1oz

(7410D242013) BLACK-1oz

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Blendable Bending Color - Firing temperature: 1200-1300 degrees F (626-704 degrees C). Unique because they liquefy before the glass reaches bending stage. Opaque colors remain fluid without running through the glass bending or slumping period. They do not burn out or change color (as is common with some transparent colors, particularly cadmium or selenium colors: red, orange, maroon, etc.). Bending colors are stable through the 1160 degree F - 1300 degree F firing range. May be fired while glass is flat. Colors can be lightened by adding White (Cat. No. D201581). adding other colors will achieve entirely different colors.Vitreous paint is a mixture of ground glass and a pigment oxide. These superior glass stains and paints from Reusche are offered in 1 oz. (28.3 g) packets, containing powdered colors which must be mixed with water and gum arabic or other mixing agents before application to glass and subsequent kiln firing. 1 oz. covers 300 square inches.These are basic paints for painting on glass. Not bright transparent stains. Opaque colors are limited to blacks, browns, flesh, red and grey-greens.