(7410D231176) AMBER (L349)-1oz
(7410D231176) AMBER (L349)-1oz

(7410D231176) AMBER (L349)-1oz

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Transparent Color - Firing temperature: 1050-1080 degrees F (565-586 degrees C). Enamels are vitreous paints and become transparent when fired at lower temperatures. Not as durable as glass stainers weather resistant colorsVitreous paint is a mixture of ground glass and a pigment oxide. These superior glass stains and paints from Reusche are offered in 1 oz. (28.3 g) packets, containing powdered colors which must be mixed with water and gum arabic or other mixing agents before application to glass and subsequent kiln firing. 1 oz. covers 300 square inches.These are basic paints for painting on glass. Not bright transparent stains. Opaque colors are limited to blacks, browns, flesh, red and grey-greens.

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